SBT is a VERY VERY VERY BAD COMPANY!!!!!!! These guys lied tried to steal and cheat me out of a lousy $15. I ordered a couple accelerator pump diaphragms from SBT My skis were listed on their application chart. I asked via email before hand if they were certain they would work on my skis (99&01 GTX). They assured me they would work.

Well, the diaphragms did not fit. I did not even have to open the packages. (I later found out from seadoo source some stock 951's have a special accelerator pump). I called and emailed for 4 days trying to get a return going. I finally had to dispute the purchase with Paypal. The next day I get a call and a RM # from SBT. Then they only wanted to refund the parts. I escalated to a claim, then they said the parts were "Damaged" and could not restock.

Paypal thought that was real hoaky since they offered to refund for parts only. Paypal found in my favor since the parts where not correct for my ski, paypal refunded the parts and the insane $16 shipping charge. I FedEx'ed the parts back for $3.50

ANY DECENT COMPANY would have gave a full refund shipping included without a question. I'm lucky I paid with paypal or SBT would have blown me off completely. All for a sale of less than $50.

If this is how poorly they treat a small purchase customer, think how bad you'll be screwed on a major purchase like a motor. SBT IS A BUNCH OF HACKS THAT SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN.