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    01 XLT 1200 Carb Rebuild?

    Hey there guys new to the forum and hoping to get a little help. Little back round, lost a cylinder on my ski so while in the process of getting the jugs bored and head milled I am going to go through my carbs and clean, adjust, replace parts as needed (cylinder was running way to lean guessing cause of engine failure). So my questions is now that I have the carbs out and on my bench how do you tear these things down? Is it possible to separate them from the mounting plate or do you have to get in there with a 90 screwdriver and take the covers off that way? I have been rebuilding carbs for years now and have never seen anything like this. Anyone with advise or if a manual will work a link to one would be great! Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the forum. See thread post below

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