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    seadoo hx 717 misses after warms up

    im stumped...I have a 96 Seadoo Hx with a 717. The ski runs great for about 10 min, then it starts to miss. The longer it runs the lower in the rpm it misses. Feels electrical to me. Ski has new carbs, new fuel lines\pump, new battery and new plugs. Something electrical is getting hot and missing up. The ski idles fine, full compression on cylinders, but if I give it WOT it misses bad, runs ok up to almost half throttle. Any ideas? Thanks

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    just a little more info, running at idle in the water battery is at 12.9, 13.1v with some throttle. That seems low to me, am I wrong? thanks.

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    I'd be looking into all that "new stuff". You confirm you're getting weak spark?. I'd make my suspect the fuel system....usual suspects no venting, leaky pulse line yaday yadaya yadaya. Double check the carb settings. Some doo's use a zero turn out on the HS screw, which was a puzzle to me at first.

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    It might be the Rectifier module in the grey box. If one of the spark plug is black after riding. Make sure the plug caps are push in all the way or maybe cut a 1/4 of a inch off them and put back together. But I think it would be doing all the time if this was it. It might be something that going bad. Sorry I dint help. To bad you dint have spare part to try to see if somthing is bad.

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