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    New mods on the way, excited for results

    So I finally pulled the trigger and ordered some upgrades for my 05' RXP. I was running 73ish gps with my xcharger set up so i'm very exceited to see what my boat will run and the improvement in acceleration. Here is my new set up: Hoping for upper 70's.

    -xcharger with et137 wheel upgrade(should see 12.5-13 boost at 8100rpm)
    -bosch 48# injectors
    -riva Rising rate fuel pressure regualtor
    -fizzle i/c
    -Kanaflex 4 inch rear air intake
    -Riva intage grate
    -pump wedge and extension
    -4 flow rites for ventialtion
    -riva opas pro delete block offs
    -15/22 prop
    -ride plate holes filled
    -reverse bucket mod
    -riva thru hull exhaust

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    Do you have a external intercooler?

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    Yes, sorry i ordered the fizzle i/c as well.

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    And added a jlewis rear scoop and guage pod for a afr guage today

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