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    impeller jet housing clearance

    does anyone know what the measurment for a proper sealing impeller to the jet housing is?? i can fit a business card between them but i wanna use a feeler gauge if anyone knows the proper measurment??

    also if the clearance is too big what is my option?? to just replace the impeller or what??

    also , the Wear Ring?? what is that excactly.. and is there any way to check this./ my jet housing and everything is out of the ski due to me rebuilding my driveshaft bearing but i wanna know everything else is fine or not

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    From the manual

    From the manual

    Check the impeller for deep scratches, pitting or
    nicks by looking from both the water outlet and inlet
    Check the jet stator inner wall for scratches.
    Check the impeller seal for cracks or damage.
    Measure the clearance between each impeller blade
    and the jet stator, using a feeler gauge 12-inches
    Impeller clearance is critical for proper performance.
    If the clearance is out of specification, disassemble
    and inspect the impeller and impeller
    housing area
    (page 14-10).
    Turbocharger model (ARX1200T3/T3D) shown:

    STANDARD: 0.3 – 0.5 mm (0.01 – 0.02 in)
    SERVICE LIMIT: 0.9 mm (0.04 in)

    using a FEELER GAUGE

    Regards Xdrian

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    Thank you very much

    And do our housings have a wear ring? I'm guessing if my clearance is too much that it is time for either a new housing or new impeller

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    My clearance from impeller to jet housing measures .019 which is perfectly in spec. So that being said my impeller and housing are not badly worn at all

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