Hi I am new to this forum and I have some questions about my new seadoo rxtx

I purchased this boat off a friend of mine that races seadoos. It is a 2008 seadoo rxtx pro stock boat built by deans team racing.

Aftermarket parts and changes

- intake grate and impeller custom built by deans team racing
- lescook valve retainers
- race sponsons
- riva hull extensions
- little bit of work done on the inside of the inteercooler
- race ecm
- riva intake
- supercharger has lescook washers and orange lescook s.c. wheel
- open loop cooling system

I race around the US and canada for fun. I also do alot or rec. riding I want a boat that is both good on the closed course as well as rec. riding

Do you think that this lescook supercharger wheel will put out to much hp for rec. riding. I want to be able to ride for the day and not worry about my engine blowing up I have the opertunity to get a brand new stock supercharger for this boat and am wondering if it is worth puting in to make this boat reliable or if this lescook wheel will be fine. Acording to my good friend that I baught this boat off of this boat is a 4 time world champion pro stock boat and she has had no problems with it after the build

Long story short i had a seal go in the supercharger that caused the intercooler to foam up then caused the pipes to start blowing off I have fixed that problem I am really just trying to get some input on this to see what I can do to make this boat reliable.

Thanks alot for your time.