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    First trip out {Have Questions}

    Why would my SL650 idle good and bog down when given some throttle? If I hold the throttle open and then pull the choke out & In quickly it will start running great and keep running great untill I let it idle again And then I have to hit the choke again to get it to run fast again. Any ideas? It runs really good once its going.

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    carb's are dirty........ low speed jet controls idle as well as take off 30% to half throttle . theres alot to getting older pwc's running the way they should do a search on sl650 fill out your sig. tell us what you have or have not done. Nate

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    Pulling the choke out means your running lean. Try turning your low speed screws out a little more and see if that helps. As stated if it has not been done, rebuild carbs & replace fuel lines

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