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    Cant keep fuel to the carb {Please help}

    My recently acquired 750SS wont keep fuel up to the carb. I installed a primer bulb like in a boat that if I keep pumping it then the ski will stay running, I have cleaned out the entire fuel system. Does this sound like a weak fuel pump? Is there a way to test it?It seems to run great as long as I keep pumping the bulb> Thanks...

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    Could be the fuel pump, could just be the pulse line from the crankcase to the fuel pump.

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    Take apart the fuel pump and look at the diaphrams for tears or holes and the check valves to see if they are closed and have tension.

    Make sure there are not splits or leaks in the pulse lines.

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    A lot of times this kind of problem has to do with the primer kit that you installed. If there is any slight leak in the line or fitting there, you will have this problem because the air is leaking IN.

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