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    Bilge pump questions

    I have a 1992 750SS {first ski} Does it have a bilge pump in it? If so please explain how it works and how can I tell if its working? Where is it located? Is it automatic?

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    If you have a bilge pump (I think you do) it should be located right under the coupler between the rear of the motor and the drive shaft. You should also see a hose coming up from it to nearly the top of the seat opening. Don't know how to tell if it is working. Try a search. Someone has probably posted something.

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    The jet pump has a port in a low pressure section of the pump that sucks on the bilge drain hose. The hose goes to the hose that mustangfury was referring to. It goes up near the seat, then back down to a white box that's bolted to the bottom of the hull, under the driveshaft. Usually, trash collects on the 'screen' on the bottom of the white box. Remove the two mounting screws, slide the black hose off, and remove the box. Clean it all up real good and it should work fine.

    I've had to replace a couple of the hoses that go to the pump because they were split. You'll have to remove the ride plate to do that. It's a special hose, each end is a different diameter. The newest hoses are reinforced hoses and they're a @%#^ to get on.

    Keep in mind that the 'pump' only works when the engine is running. If you're in the middle of the lake taking on water and the engine quits, you're screwed.

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