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Thread: Fuji re-carb?

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    Fuji re-carb?

    Does anybody have experience with carburater mods on the 650/750/780 fuji engines? I have a 94 SL750 and am curious about replacing the 3 Minkuni with a single carb. Has anybody tried? I know I would have to fab a manifold. Any other thoughts?

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    Better be a REALLY big carb.

    3 X 38mm = 114mm

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    Maybe not quite THAT big, since the throat area equals the radius squared times pi

    A = r X r X pi = 19 X 19 X 3.1415 = 1134 sq mm

    so 3A = 3402 sq mm

    so theoretically a 66 mm carb has 3 times the throat area of a 38 mm carb:

    A = 33 X 33 X 3.1415 = 3421 sq mm

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    Since each carb is tuned to each cylinder, I don't think this would be a good idea. you would have to tune it to the cylinder that requires the richest mixture, and be wasting fuel in the other two cylinders. Not to mention, I would think performance would suffer. Whats wrong with the stock setup thats not working or you?

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