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    2005 Challenger Jet Boat stuff ??want Engine to rebuild intrested in other stuff to?

    Im looking for a 4 tec Engine to rebuild mine has the non intercooled 185 HP engine.
    must be rebuildable not junk.

    my engine has Hi Hours on it and i intend to keep my boat so want to scrounge up some parts.
    Already got a Rebuilt S/C so thats one thing i dont need.
    Better Bucket seats and other seats would be nice to off a newer wrecked 18 Ft Sedoo sport boat maby?
    Thinking someone mighta put in custom buckets or something and has orignals stored.

    Anyway wont know if i dont ask

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    If you find a wrecked one of these, please let me know. I need the reverse bucket assembly and some other small misc parts myself for a Challenger.

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