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    Motor and jet

    Hello there,
    I'm brand new to both this forum and to the world PWC's. I want to put a 750 or bigger motor and jet into a self built 10' wood/glass boat. The plans are from Glen-L and the boat plan is a Squirt. It looks like loads of fun. I'm curious to know what the best motor and jet would be for this project. Some people, who have already done this, actually cut the hull of an existing boat/ski and graft it into the wooden boat. While others just take the motor and jet and build it into their hull. What motors and jets should I stay away from? Are there stronger years than others? What should I be looking at to spend for basically a motor and jet or a not working motor complete with hull? I guess you can tell I'm sort of floundering. Any feedback (positive I hope) would be greatly appreciated, even a potential donor motor and jet from somewhere in western Canada.
    Thanks Byron

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    I would stay away from anyting with DSSS key ignition more to go wrong and to move IMHO. Cheapest probally be a 95ish polaris. They need a better fuel pump $28 ,You might find one with hole in one piston real cheap" bad pump does it" pretty easy fix. My 95 750 cc polaris 3seeter out runs my 97 sedoo 720, even with two people to one. 95 plus the have bigger jet. Usally reverse as well.

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    check out posts from tron..he did something like that..

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