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Thread: Lanyard issues

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    Lanyard issues

    I have a 2006 RXP very happy that I purchased this bad boy.... very fast.... I am just having a problem (or maybe not a problem) with the lanyard.... When I place the lanyard on the stud..Sometimes is doesn't want to start.. it sounds like the battery is clicking but nothing is being sent to the motor... what I have done is take the laynard off and try repositioning it and then after doing that numerous times she will start.. just wondering if that is normal.... thanks.

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    Had that problem too. Turned out there was a small screw that got sucked into the key by the magnet in it. Removed it and life was good

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    how did you remove it and what would the screw be from ?

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    It was simply sucked into the cavity. The cavity is where the DESS post would go into when you insert the key into the post to start it. There is a magnet in that key

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    right on thanks for the help

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    Replace your starter relay, it's common problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bama View Post
    Replace your starter relay, it's common problem.
    + 1 on the relay....

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    I replaced my relay and it wasn't the problem so check the key first. If necessary, replace the relay. That or you might end up with a slightly used relay like me.

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    I had to replace the DESS post on my '08 last week. Nothing at all would happen when connecting the lanyard... sometimes!

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    How much is a relay and where can I pick one up?

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