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Thread: 2006 GP1300r

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    2006 GP1300r

    I have 2006 gp1300r with almost 75 hours on it. I am the second owner and it was stock with about 50 hours when I bought it. I am selling because i would like to get a boat. Mods are as follows:

    D Plate
    13/20 Dynafly impeller
    1200 R&D Aquavein Intake Grate
    Pump Plug Kit
    Pump Tunnel Kit

    The jetski has went 67 on gps in warm weather.

    The trailer, 2 neoprene life vests, a cover, and service manual are included. Also has a couple years left on the registration. Titles in hand.


    I am located near Springfield, Missouri.

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    Price is obo!

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    Nice ski and fair price for what someone is getting, but is that a pink camera you are using? See what happens when the ski shines too much!

    Good luck with the sale!

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    LOL, it's my wife's iphone. All I had handy!

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    Bump for a new price! If it does not sell at this price, i will sell on ebay!

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    New price.

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    hey Kelly! what`s up! contact this forum member> jas1068 he is looking for a ski... Good luck and have a great Holiday season! Merry Christmas!...PR...

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    Bump for a new price!

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    ride it like you stole it!!! raceneked's Avatar
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    Dang, they weay folks like to do conversions around here; I am quite suprised you still have this ski for sale.
    Good lookin unit, one of my favorite color combos...

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