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    1994 750 Sl loss of power

    I have a 94 polaris 750 sl. recently purchased sat for 2 years. has only 50hrs on bike. great shape. first thing i did was replace any fuel lines that were dry rotted. replaced fuel filter. removed tank, cleaned out. The two lines that go into tank were dry rotted at top of line(the part on the line that was not in fuel). asked repair shops about what type of line these were,they were sort of clear with a green tint to them,not sure if that is from the fuel over the years? no one could tell me were to get them. West Marine (boating supply store) told me i could use clear fuel line tubing which i did. put all back together and bike ran great. put in water and no problems for the first 4 times i had it out. now bike starts fine, idles fine, runs fine for the first 15minutes in water can run full throttle around 46mph or so the speedo says. then will be running at full throttle say 46mph and for no reason drops to 30mph with hand still holding down thottle fully open. will not go any faster. let off throttle to idle and bike will take back off to full speed again when reaches top speed again loses power back down to 30mph then seems like longer i hold down thottle it will go slower 25mph. but let off to idle and then it takes off again. not sure what to do please help. i downloaded manual from this site thank you.

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    Don't ride it again untill you rebuild the single outlet fuel pump or better yet, Replace it with a triple outlet pump. The ski is starving for fuel. Keep running it with a weak pump and you'll be burning up the mag piston before you know it. Do a search on triple outlet pump on here.
    John Zigler can get you one. Search for that user name and his info is on his post.


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    Did you reinstall the restrictor in the return line?

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