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    99 gsx

    Hi guys i have a 99 gsx and was wondering if i could put the 951 motor in it.. I would like it to go a lot faster then it does right now but i love the way the ski handles.

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    It can be done but alot of work. motor mounts pipeing etc. Plus I was told that the gsx hull are not the same as the limted and can not handel the speed. Maybe it the ride plate. You would be better off just picking a GSX limted . Good luck with what ever you do.

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    i agree with 20 feet boy. Wayyyyyy to much work
    Front Motor Mount.... Either glass the mount in or weld a 1/4" L bracket on the front of the stator cover. This will allow you to use the stock mount. I bolted the cases together with a crank and then stuck a motor alignment bar in to find out where i needed to weld the bracket.
    The exhaust will exit the opposite side, so you will need to fix a hole and make a hole. There is ALOT more details you will need to do.
    Does my ski hall butt.....yes...would i do it again........NO
    1996 Seadoo XP with a 951 / 1050 Any ?'s feel free to ask

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    thanks guys for the info i think i should just sell my ski and buy a limited

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