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    seadoo rxt , 2005 , p1202 fault code

    hi! I have a problem with my seadoo rxt , year 2005 . When i'm cruising at constant rpm , 3500rpm , the engine goes in limp mode , and a have the p1202 fault code. I have changed both oil sensors and tops valve but the engine does the same thing.I have checked the wiring , i have 12v on tops valve . if i'm driving it at high rpm it doesn't do this so often. coul this p1202 be related to low oil pressure? but for low oil pressure there is another fault code , so....The big problem for me is that i wait for the spare parts 1 there any way that i could bypass the tops so i will not have this fault code again? thanks!

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    P1202 — —
    Oil tank
    pressure switch
    implausible or
    blow-by valve
    still closed

    Possible cause:
    Damaged oil pressure switch, blow-by valve failure, damaged circuit wires, damaged connector or damaged ECM pins.
    Service action:
    Check for 1.27 to 2.47 ohms between terminals.
    Check if TOPS is connected to wiring harness.
    Check resistance at 0 RPM and above 3500 RPM. At high RPM the resistance should be close to 0 ohm.
    Check for 12 volts on pin 1 of the blow-by valve.

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    hi again! Today i checked the wiring , everything is ok. last year someone changed the cylinder head gasket. could this problem be related to that? i have 12v at tops , tops is new , oil pressure sensors new. i dont know what to do further. I checked the ecm pins , everything looks ok.could be a ecm failure? is here any way that i could bypass the tops valve? i tried with a relay mounted instead of tops valve , but the pressure gets to high and i have oil leaks .thanks!

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    solved! Hi again!I wired both oil pressure sensors pins togheter and took the signal from the oil pressure sensor from the engine block.It seems like i have a problem with the oil pressure in the oil separator , because the both sensors are new. Thanks!

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