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    steering cable exterior plastic nut broke

    This thing broke on my ski the last time I was out ('02 GTX RFI). The new one just came in. How much of a pain is it to change out ?

    Mine snapped off for some reason, so I've got to get the remaining threads out first. It looks like I might need to remove the reverse gate for better access to work on it, is this true ? Is there anything else I need to get out of my way ? Any tips or tricks are much appreciated !!!

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    Ok, well, either nobody knew what the heck i was talking about, or nobody responded because this fix is probably one of the most stupid simple things you could have to repair.

    Where the steering cable exits the transom, it passes through the center of a plasic nut, which sandwiches a rubber grommet keeping the passthrough watertight. This nut snapped off. I disconnected all associated linkages and removed the reverse gate to get better access. It was very straight forward and very simple to repair. Just FYI.

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    Just bought all the parts nut, rubber washer and the 2 half rings for $15 from Parker yahama.

    Cable lock (nut) 277-000-052
    Rubber washer 211-100-009
    Half ring (2) 277-000-055

    Lol had these in my wallet from where I just ordered them yesterday!!

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    It took me a minute to figure out how those half rings go in. Finally figured the only way is to put them in between where the tubes meet right where it passes through the hull, the o-ring should sit on the rubber side, not on the metal tube. I took it out for a test run the other day, no leaks and steering was functional again

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    How did you get the broken part out of the transom? Mine is broken off flush with nothing to grab on to.

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