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    XP800 wont run or start in water

    Ive done all the lines, selector switch cleaned the carbs but havent rebuilt them. Fresh plugs battery, gas. I took the top end off inspected and resealed. Now it fires up on trailer slightly long crank but once it fires it restarts like a champ even with the flush line. Problem is when I get it inot the water it wont start, if i start it on the trailer and back it into the water it dies immediately and wont restart until its out of the water. Im running out of ideas and dont know what to do next. It could be a fuel starvation issue. I pull the plugs as soon as it stalls and they dont seem to be very wet with fuel, slightly but not stinky. I spoke with a local shop and he thinks its not the carbs but want me to bring it to him which I cant really afford right now.

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    When you did the top end did you check the rotary valve timing by any chance? Sounds like the rotary valve is off one tooth or to much clearance between case and cover.

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