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    polaris sl650

    hey everyone i am new to green hulk. And i am looking for a drop retainer for a sl650 polaris. the one on my ski is cracked and polaris does not make them anymore i have seen some aftermarked ones but not sure were to get one they are on ebay but the sellers are asking a lot for used ones. if anyone knows were i can get one please let me know. i just got the ski and my wife and kids really want to ride it. Thanks again in advance for any help you can give.

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    Ok, I'll go first....

    What the heck is a drop retainer?

    EDIT: Ah, perhaps you're talking of the ring that caps the top on the fuel tank? Shown here as part # 28. The older 650's, like my '92, had a plastic ring. The later machines, perhaps 94?, had a nice aluminum ring. Mine broke too, I upgraded to the newer aluminum ring; Try a Polaris wrecker, like John Zigler, at Rock County Jet Ski.

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    yes delagem that is what i am looking for that is what alot of the sites i had looked for it on were calling it.. thank you for the info i will look in to rocky county jet ski...

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    Rock Co Jetski is awesome, was there the other day got a NICE handlebar pad. will go to him again!

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    John is the man!!!! Great guy and vast knowledge. I would rather go to him and know I am getting a good quality part, than chance it on ebay. I think more than half of my SL 900 rebuild parts came from him.

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