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    Cracking exhaust manifolds on 1100di ultra 130

    Has anyone had a problem with the exhaust manifold cracking on the 1100di motor? I have cracked 4 of them and am getting tired of replacing them. has anyone successfully added a second cooling line to cylinder 1 ( which is where the cracks happen)


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    Sounds odd. I've got an old manifold from an 1100 ZXi, don't know if it's the same or not.

    Are you using OEM gaskets? Are the engine mounts good? Is any part of the system in a bind?

    Oops! I've got the exhaust pipe & muffler, but not the manifold. Sorry 'bout that!

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    Engine mounts have been replaced. With oem or sbt gaskets, the manifolds still crack. I have seen other people with this problem on the 1100s. The manifold cracks around cylinder 1, every time.

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    most likely its the method you use.

    tighten the manifold to the block/cylinder first, then install and tighten the head pipe to the manifold, then fit and start the lower pipe four bolts to the head pipe and tighten, then tighten the two support nuts for the lower pipe, in that exact order, always follow the manufactures torque sequence and settings.

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    Ok I will try that when I get the new one in. Thanks for the advice.

    At 123456 . Do you know of a method to keep the front cylinder from getting so hot?

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    mostly by design the front runs hotter, but all coolant issues should began with a total cleanup and inspection of all passages.

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    I have two 1100 D.I. skis. I took the exh manifold on and off a few times on both skis and never had any cracking issue. Got any pics to show the crack?

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