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    Mxs150 oil leak, low compression, power loss

    Can anyone please give me any suggestions on this one.

    I installed a oil tank upgrade from watcon. When I put it back in the water and went for a run I blew the waterline off the heat exchanger. Upon doing so the overheat light came on and the craft went into limp mode. I fixed the problem but now the engine appears to have an oil leak and it appears to be around the head or valve cover. I checked the spark plugs and the front one is light brown while the rear is black. Prior to changing the oil tank I did a compression test and it was 90 psi and 95 psi at 1048 meters above sea level which scared me since I heard guys saying it should be around 140 psi. I also noticed that I had lost some power and I was wondering when it over heated would it be possible to blow the head gasket/valve cover gasket? It also seems to be burning oil as when I start out there is a cloud of blueish smoke from the exhaust.

    Can anyone please give me some suggestions as I am preparing for the worst. There are only 80 hours on the machine.


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    I put $ on it that the nic is going. Do a leak down test on it.

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    Sorry I am new to the MSX what is the "nic" and what is the process of doing a leak down test if you don't mind sharing.


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