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    '05 Seadoo - Won't turn over

    My ski won't turn over when putting the key on. It cranked up for about 2 seconds, then just shut off. When I go to put the key back on, it doesn't beep, the gauges don't go up and then back down, nor does it show how much gas is in the tank. I press start and it doesn't even click. Obviously, if it was working properly it would do everything I just listed when I was going to start it. All it says is "Seadoo" on the screen.

    I keep good maintenance on it and do minor repairs myself. I just changed the oil and spark plugs at the beginning of this summer. I also did a spark and compression as well. The voltage regulator was also changed out at the beginning of the summer. I work out of a boat repair shop (Not a mechanic, just in packaging and selling parts), but we do not have the Seadoo diagnostics. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    2005 Seadoo RXT - 120 hours - Never had any major problems

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    check all of your fuses and make sure they also don't have corrosion on them. Make sure you include the 2 30 amp fuses off to the side of the rest! Had the same issue last week and it was a corroded 30 amp fuse.

    Apart from that, check your battery connections, grounds, lanyard for foreign objects and the DESS post

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