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    bearing went out

    Hello i have changed all the bearings in the engine but it looks like one off the bearings went out after 5 hours?
    I sealed the crankcase not wiht loctite 5910 but with another silicone.
    And in the manual they said torx all screw 1 to 8 to 55 n/m and at least torx no 7 back to 22 n/m is this correct?

    The screw no 7 i did not torx it back to 22 n/m could that be that the bearing went out?

    Thx Henk

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    Can you clarify a bit? What do you mean by the bearing going out? What are your symptoms? What exact sealer did you use for the crankcase? Which screws are you talking about?

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    as above hard to know what your talking about they dont back bolts off. bearing failures are usually caused by bent crankshaft or rods from hydrolocking the motor at some time. but if you have not torqued things correctly could well be the problem.

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    Did you use new bolts or reuse the old ones? If you are using a "stretch" bolt you have to torque to spec's and then using a Torque Angle tool, add another 90 degrees to those torque specs in sequence....

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    Do i must torx all the eight crankcase bolts to 55 nm

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    The 8 large main bolts are first torqued to 40nm in the correct pattern, then to 55nm. The small bolts are torqued to 22nm. The rod bolts must also be replaced, so hopefully you did that.

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    Yes i replaced the rod bolts! When i hav new bearings do you must ride the ski not so fast and after a while you can get full speed? Maybe the bearings went out because i give the ski full speed

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    I'm no genius, but shouldn't you allow a break in period on a new rebuild or new engine? Correct me if I am wrong.....

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    Never mind i lost a rod bearing and and it took also the crankshaft bearing. Now the crankshaft is also fucked up. And this after five hours rebuild.
    I hope they can polished the crankshaft i hear it tomorrow.
    Thx guys


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    You have a bent rod take the rods off pistons and lay them on flat surface

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