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    Newbie here need help 07 stx 12F

    I have a 07 stx 12f has a 105 hours on it, was running fine with no problems and all of a sudden started smoking (white smoke) I pulled the ski out and checked spark plugs, I found in spark plug #3 it had some oil, I also found oil in the air filter compartment, Im stuck here dont know what to do next. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

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    Check spark, and if you have spark, check compression on all 3 cylinders. They should be within 10 psi of each other. If that is all good that cylinder may not be getting fuel.

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    It sounds like it was overfilled with oil and it does have the ability to blow oil into the air filter. Are you sure the oil isn't overfilled. You have to check it with the ski level.

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