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    Angry ok im stumped. tried everything i can think of and ski still wont run right

    1989 seadoo sp 580 motor. thought i had a fuel problem so i completely overhauled my fuel system. pulled and drained tank, cleaned spotless, blew out all fuel lines and there the black ones not gray, cleaned carb and even swapped it from another i have that runs perfect. cleaned water seperator, cleaned fuel pump, again tried one from the other ski. compression is 145psi per cylinder. no water in motor. got great spark. it is chugging real bad and bogging down real bad when given any throttle at all and wont even idle right. im stumped. could it be a bad magneto or stator ? rotory valve jump? im grasping here .... got one ski that runs great and the other is busting my beans and one parts ski so im swapping everything i can think of and trying it

    ok well i just ran a compression test on it again with the lanyard off and still 145 each cyl. went to put plugs back in and fire it up again and now i have no spark.... bypassed the lanyard and still no spark. could the coil have been on its way out and giving me a crappy intermitent spark and making it run rough ???

    ive been working on this all day. i had spark and now i dont. was running really crappy then all of a sudden no spark at all. seadoo manual says engine speed limiter could be causing my problems and that it is located behind the ignition coil but its not there. the only thing i can find that even looks like it is in the battery box behind the aluminum plate and i replaced that already....

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    ok so doing some research and trying different things and finding an older post. i decided to disconect the rev limiter completely and try it. is fired right up and ran smooth as a brand new ski.... only problem is now it wont shut off unless i choke it out. will be replacing that with a rev limiter from micro touch i think for $99.00 as i cant find one any where else.

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