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    Giving the 300x a try

    My 8th new Kawasaki in the last 12 years,

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    Good luck with it- I'm giving one a try also. 30 some hrs on ours so far and it's been pretty good. Big time wave crusher and fuel sucker!

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    Quote Originally Posted by UltraRob View Post
    My 8th new Kawasaki in the last 12 years,

    get the speed module ,wedges,maybe a R&D grate ( depending were u ride ) and enjoy it


    congrats on the new baby " red ones are faster "

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    Quote Originally Posted by no_more_rice View Post
    You're gonna love it man - no regrets here whatsoever. Red isn't faster, but it is cheaper!

    Were you an Ultra 150 guy back in the day?

    I starting racing the 150 back in 99 ...awesome ski once dailed in with bolt ons...

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    Hey Rob, great looking ski and you will have a great time with it for sure. I am up to about 15hrs now.

    I was wondering on picking up some of the ODI grips for my dirt bike, quad and 300x.

    Did you get the 120mm or the 130mm? Looks like the stock is 5 1/4" long.

    Is this your website???

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    120mm purchased right off the odi website

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    Thanks everyone, looking forward to many hours on this ski

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