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    Ejected at 65 Mph on the Sho today!

    All I can say is wow! I'm lucky to escape that with no injuries. Just got home from the ER Cat Scan checked out O.K. I know many others on here have had serious injuries from crashes at these speeds especially with the FZR/S bucking issue. Not sure if that happened to me or if I hit a wake too fast,but I'm just grateful to be alive and in one piece with out major injury, just a sore upper back and neck with some stiffness. This was an eye opener,it could of been much worse. Be careful out there guys!

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    Glad your OK..

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    I'm glad you're okay. These toys can certainly be dangerous.

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    Glad you are ok!!!!

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    glad you're alright, B Carefull

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk View Post
    I'm glad you're okay. These toys can certainly be dangerous.
    I feel I have been extremely lucky so far. We should not underestimate or take these skis speeds for granted.

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    Glad your ok but this will just add to the hype... bucked by an FZR... I still don't get it.
    I ran both of my skis stock for months before I upgraded the grates on them. '09 FZS and '09 FZR and '09 VX Cruiser. I never had an issue and I'm the kind of guy that traditionally has "issues". Modifies everything... My 335i has 440 HP on a dyno with tune, downpipes, ecu, etc... and my ski is the same.. I've had zero issues and really kinda wonder..... nuff said...

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    Looped, it was a SHO, not FZR/FZS. There hasn't been an issue with bucking on them, so i really doubt it was a problem with the ski, but probably rider induced. I've been "bucked" numerous times, but recognize that it was my own fault. It's like if you ride a dirt bike straight and level at moderate speeds, you probably won't crash, but once you start going fast, hitting jumps and doing tricks, you WILL end up dumping it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by no_more_rice View Post
    I thought motorcycles were dangerous and riding PWCs was the safest motorsport in the, I still believe that, this seems to be a Yamaha issue, i.e. Yamaha needs a bigger, better pump, like - yesterday - before more people get hurt
    Sea Doo RX-Ps are also known to "buck". Anything with an enlarged pump inlet is at an increased risk. But I know of probably 5 local guys running completely stock FZR's and FZS's with absolutely no issues, and I even warned them.

    Glad you're ok man. I got myself thrown off at 65 before and it certainly woke me up to the dangers of these things.

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    Glad you're ok man. I got myself thrown off at 65 before and it certainly woke me up to the dangers of these things.[/QUOTE]


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