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    Oil mixture/ blue smoke question for 97 760

    OK guys, got a 97 waveventure on trade from a buddy. someone had not mixed the oil/ fuel and grenaded a set of rings. I had them resleeved, and I assembled the top end and put it all back together. Installed a "primer" where the choke was for those hard starts. Its all ready to go and it fired off and sounded sweet.

    I spent some time building hot rods so as far as wrenching, assembling, and torqueing, i have a pretty good background. But here is my concern:

    I have another ski with the stock oil stator pump, and the thing smokes blue quite a bit. I have another buddy and his ski has the oil stator still in use and it smoke a lot of blue. I have decided to mix like many have recomended. I used the correct oil, a penzoil marine that matches what the sticker calls for. For every gallon i added the recommended 2.5 ounces of oil, and actually threw in a few more ounces per 5 gallons.

    My worry is that even though its running fine, its not smokin out my garage like the others do. Its run for maybe a minute and a half, but im wondering if i should add more oil. any input would be appreciated. thanx in advance.


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    The older models (90's) have a fixed oil injection system so that at either idle or wot the ratio is about 32:1. They smoke a lot, but get the right amount of oil on the top end. The newer models (1999+) have variable injection where they run about 50:1 at idle and about 32:1 at wot. They do not smoke as much at idle. Most, if not many who run premix run about 40:1 which is about what you run and for the most part, all that you need unless you are racing all the time putting huge loads on your engine. A total of 16 oz (1 quart) to 5 gallons is a good rule of thumb.

    Some oils such as the aftermarket brands Klotz, and Amzoil (for example) are "ashless" meaning that that they are fully synthetic and burn much cleaner than the semisynthetics (ex. yamalube). They also have better lubricating properties. Taking this into consideration, a few have elected to run at a lower oil ratio (50:1) with the full synthetics which means they generate even less smoke.

    The amount of smoke you generate depends on what type of oil you run, at what ratio you run, and wether you are tuned lean or fat.

    Consider these things when you see clouds of smoke, and know that most boats are in a pretty safe zone at 40:1.

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    that is great info. thanx. im trippin on the fact that the build is new and i dont wanna chunk it, I KNOW i have put enough oil in it, but i dont see smoke. so I will check into the synthetic part of it, and maybe, just maybe its all good and i can relax lol

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