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Thread: oil filter?

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    oil filter?

    What type of filter do I need to replace the factory filter with?

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    What is your ski?

    Since you are in the 2-stroke performance forums, I will assume that the ski in question is a 2-stroke with oil injection. The picture in your signature looks like a 4-stroke. What ski are you talking about?
    2-stroke skis: Use the OE BRP filter
    4-stroke skis: OE BRP filter or HiFlo (or other) aftermarket filter

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    His pic is of an rx which in fact is a 2 stroke 951 ..

    Id just use the stock filternyou can get from the dealer or ebay ..

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    Ski in Signature

    Yeah, after another look at the ski in the picture again, I realized that it was an RX. Still, it would be nice if the ski/motor in question was identified with the question.

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