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    951 help me decide.. pro's/cons

    anyone care to shed some light on the 2?

    ideas is to do some bigger upgrades over the fall/winter for next season.

    modd list looks like.

    r&d dominator manifold+m16 reeds
    stock carbs,rejeted possibly a ported carb??? if its an option.
    r&d plenum intake (hopefully the mesh covers 2 keep water out)
    would like to do a prop upgrade as well.

    was looking at the
    ada billit head package
    91octane bowl... would require me to still rejet

    and the
    perry performance lv1 intake setup. they rejet...

    other additions id like if its worth it.
    97.5 white pipes (are they worth it on a 951)???
    worx/r&d intake grate... keeps from cavatating...

    idea is to get mid/high 60's out of the 98 xpl.. willing to give up hole shot for the top end.

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    read the sticky at the top. Plus do a search lots of info here.
    Stay with the stock intake grate. Find a 97 xp ride plate

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    stay away from ppg.

    u need a head, a rejet, some rinaldi reeds, a white pipe and a concord. And if you want that last little piece of the pie listen to Mike. find a 97 xp ride plate.

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