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    1995 Wave Ventures - carb is missing the body asssembly pump on one carb???

    Has anyone ever seen this. One carb was missing the body assembly pump...the part that holds the check valves. The ski is a 1995 Wave venture 700 with dual 39 mm carbs. The back carb had the pump body, the front one did not. It was like the part was not suppose to be there because the screws that hold the cover and body on were alot shorter than the other carb.

    The ski had one piston that was bad, and it was matched to the carb with all the correct parts. The piston that was matched to the carb missing parts had 150lbs of compression.

    I bought this ski, used not running with no history. It looked like the machine had never been torn apart.

    Any one ever heard of or seen this?

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    No, one has heard of this? I went ahead and ordered the correct part and the correct screws. The diaphram parts come with the rebuild kit, so I should have all the parts needed to make the carb complete. Just kinda wierd. I'm looking for a manual online if someone knows where to find one. Thanks

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    if youre talking about the front carb is missing something,thats the fuel pump,and rear handles both carbs.

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    I looked at a WaveRaider 700 manual and it shows one carb without the checkvalve body. I think thats normal.

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    one pump feeds both nothing missing

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    OK, thanks guys. I was wondering if that was the case, but thought I would be safe. I'll have a fresh body assembly pump to use in the one carb!

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