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    heard a pop so i stopped. help needed!

    Hello all. I just bought a 97 sea doo XP: has new engine that has been bored to 815, also has big carbs!
    Not really sure on too much about skis so here is my problem, hopefully I can get some help here...
    Took it out for the first time to break it in, I was easy on it. Next time I took it out ran fine but again I very easy on it, easing my way through the throttle so everything would set well. (Fuel oil mixture 42/1) But then, while riding, it bogged down like a plug fouled and died. Tried to get it going again and it started again took off and then died. Third time it ran me all the way back to shore. Changed plugs and changed my fuel oil ratio to 36/1. But it bogged down and died again anyways. Thought maybe I had bad compression because power was just not there.
    So I decided to test my compression today, started up fine, ran it to warm it to operating temperatures. Turned off and walked away to grab the test, but got sidetracked, so I wanted to warm it up again. Crank then pop. Smoke came out of my carbs and now I don’t know what to do, I have never worked on a ski before.
    What is my next step??
    Thanks in advance.

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    I take this thread and post it on the 2 stoke sections theres some guys who can help you. Sounds like a rave valve sticking or stuck

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    You need to make sure the engine still turns over. As long as it does do a compression check. Pull plugs and put gauge on one cylinder. Make sure all plug wires are disconnected. You don't want it to start. Turn motor over a few times with the starter and read gauge. Do this for each cylinder. Post results here. The motor doesn't have to be warm.

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    this is the only way i know to subscribe to the thread. im really curious about what is going on here. good luck

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    It turned over a few times (3-4 sec) then pop and stopped cranking. Did it twice same result. I didnt even get to start the pressure test. i just got frustreated and put it away.
    Are you saying i should do the compression test with current conditions?

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    Make sure your rotary valve is turning. You can blow air down each carb with air should the noise change in each as turn crank by hand. If it was conveted to premix and the oil bath was not maintained to the rotary valve burns brass gear, have one to repair that i got for 500. Similar symptoms .

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