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    problems after first day out! :(

    hi i took my ski out for the first time yesterday, and now have 2 problems, number one is just as we were bringing it back in, the throttle started to stick, and now is sticking all the time, it was fine before we took it out so im wondering if the engine got hot and caused this problem?? the exhaust temp sensor has already been bypassed when i got the ski???? (oh and its not the cable)

    Problem number 2, when i brought it back in to flush it out there was water coming out the rear but no water coming from the nozzles on each side of the hull, when there was before we took it out, im thinking this might be some sort of blockage maybe, ( got a small amount of weed in the intake at one point).

    Im hoping i dont have to take the exhaust off to look at the carbs for the sticking throttle, and im fairly new to this jet ski stuff so i dont know what the common problems are! any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!!!

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    Sticking throttles seem to be more and more common these days. Do a search on sticking throttles. One member just recently posted how to repair the problem with step by step pictures It is not pretty or fun, but it can be done. I just did it on my 1200 just last week. It is a Pain in the Arse.

    Two other alternatives:

    Buy a new carb..... very expensive

    Send it to OsideBill. He does excellent work

    Read, read, read.

    As to your second problem, i do not think it is one. Double check your boat when you get it back in the water at speed when the boats pump generates higher pressue then the pressure at the house. It should come back.

    I had a time when a dirt dobber (wasp) built a home right at the water outlet on the side of the hull, but that does not sound like your problem. I think that you just have low pressure at the house.

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    Get sticking throttle fixed ASAP and do it right. You endanger yourself and all those around you on the water if you go with a band-aid fix.

    Like Salty said on the hose you may not get flow out of the pisser(s). As long as they work on the water, you're good.

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    hi iv got all the exhaust off today, removed the carbs and freed off the throttle, only problem is iv cracked the plate between the carbs and the block!!!!! but the throttle is all freed off now, im still unsure about this water issue tho, if there is no water coming out of the pissers on the water then what would the problem be????????? blocked pump or blocked pipe??

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    Obviously, you must get a new carburetor manifold. I've got a used one. PM me if you are interested.

    The pissers are overflows. When you are just ideling around, you rarely see water coming out of the pissers because the water from the pipe is normally dumped out the back of the boat . This line is big enough to handle the flow during idle.

    If you look at the stinger where it elbows down to the bottom of the hull, there is a line that allows the water to leave the pipe and exit out the transom of the hull. This is the water that you see when you flush the engine at the house. At high speeds when the pump puts out huge amounts of cooling water, this line coming out of the stinger does not have enough capicty to handle the excess water. That is what the pissers are for.

    Your house only puts out 30-35 lbs of pressure when you flush your engine, so the overflow is not used.
    At high speeds, the pump puts out much more pressure and volume than what the house can deliver, so the pissers are needed.

    Do not worry about them till you check them while in the water.

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    Hi thanks for the advice, only problem is im in uk so would cost a fortune to send parts ! but thanks anyway, i willl try and find a new carb manifold. And i will look at the pissers when im in the water, ill let you know how i get on!

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    Not sure which ski you are talking about, but I think you might wish to look at why the temp sensor was bypassed and get that fixed.
    For me, I would worry about no water coming out of the indicator hole. At least one hole for sure. Often times it means there is a blockage of sand or small pebbles in the intake lines. I think I would look all all the input lines for blockage. Just my opinion.

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