Hello All,

My little Brother just went to college and gave me his '99 Ultra 150. This ski seems to be a real problem. Its never been reliable always having issues. He (my brother) purchased this ski on a trade in at a local kawasaki shop about 3 years ago. Here is a short list of problems that HE has had with it.
- Hard to start. (Ghost reading on the forum I see this is common)
- Takes on Water... While at the lake house this thing would sit anchored over night and in the morning it would almost be underwater! The local Kawasaki Dealership did a water test and determined it was the impeller shaft seal that was leaking. (According to them it was really bad)
As of 8-11-11 (when I took the ski out, second time I have ever rode it) it was still very hard to start ( I removed the air box and used some starting fluid ) after it ran a while starting was not an issue until I removed the plugs. ( will go into details about that breifly) Just out of the NWZ I held her WFO and it bogged for 30+ seconds. I thought this may have been caused by it running rich and oil build up. But after burning that out and jetting around the lake when I would corner and come out it would bog more. 15+ sec. This continued to be an issue for about a half hour. So I went back to the trailer and pulled the plugs. They were not fouled at all. The middle cylnder looked a lil grey. Also Cylinders #1 and #3 were running the NGK-R R6918-9 (stock plug) while cylinder #2 was running an NGK BR9ES. I reversed Cylinder #1 and #2 plugs to see if it made a difference. At this point there was also a lot of water in the hull. Ski was extremely hard to start once the plugs were removed and swapped (aprox 4 min. time on trailer) I had to repeat the steps stated above to get it started. Once I cleared the NWZ again held it WFO and the bog was still there 45+ seconds. I was with my friend who was riding a 98 ZXi-1100 and when my ski was running decent He would scream past me. (The first time I rode this ski I had water coming out the sides of my eyes it was so fast!!! That did not happen that day)
Today 8-14 I did a water test and I could not find any water leaking. I filled the hull up to the base of the carbs. I also checked hoses and it seems that everything is connected.
I have a really good relationship with the local Kawasaki dealership here ( I raced MX for 6+ years and they were my sponsor) but this ski hasnt been right since they worked on it last. I am curious to know if any of you have had any of these similar problems with your ski's. It seems like Steve45, Mustang and BTL have had a lot of experiance with them.
Thanks Guys,
A Baird