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    Question Need travel help

    Need travel help and thought the "southeast" riders could help me out!! Planning a trip to the GA coast in October and want to take the Jetskis out in the ocean and/or sound areas.... I usually take a camper but the wife don't want to drive two vehicles so we will need a place to stay like state park cabins or cheap & clean hotel near a boat launch (I know alot to ask ) So any ideas or any places you guys have gone that I need to see?? TIA

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    Hi Unit-
    We're off to Jekyll in Sept. (pretty close to Jax'ville on the GA coast). We're renting a duplex for around $450 for the whole week which is dirt cheap compared to hotels on the island which can start around $120/nite But if you want a hotel, stay in Brunswick, GA. much cheaper. There are a few ramps around. Check this site: for ramp locations. If you want the name of the realty company that got us the rental, let me know and I'll look it up for you-

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    Thanks so much for the reply, seems like no one goes to GA to vacation?? and those coastal islands look great to jetski around! I also have been looking at Jekyll pretty hard and found it is easier/cheaper to rent a small nice place than go to a hotel. Have you jetskied any around those islands much??

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    We have been to Jekyll before but we didn't take the jetskis last year (my 83yr old mom went with us last year and I didn't feel right going off on jetskiis and leaving her alone) So, this will be our first time riding around. We're planning to explore Cumberland island, to the south, which is non-accessable except for a ferry and personal boat. Lots of wildlife, wild horses on cumberland. Also, we're planning on going clamming and oystering. That same website I gave you earlier has designated areas in yellow (on same map with ramps). We also are planning to ride up to St Simons to the north but it is more touristy than Jekyll so not sure if we'll go ashore or just explore. There are marshes between Jekyll and the mainland where kayaking is great but I don't think we're going to bring our kayaks this time. We are taking our bikes too. There are some nice trails around the island. There's a big pier on the north end of Jekyll where people fish too. There's a beach on the northeast side of the island called, driftwood. Literally huge hundred yr old trees lying around on the beach. Quite a sight. Good for pics. We'll be back around 9/22 so if you want an update then, let me know--

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