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    Oil Leak.... Have no clue where though.... Help!

    I noticed that my oil level was way low at the last notch. I put more oil and ran it. Came back and it was low and had oil in the hull. I did an oil change today to see if I could see anything but the hull filled up with oil. The oil leak stops when the oil reaches a little above the bottom notch on the dip stick. It's not all coming out but a lot. Anybody have any previous experience or know where this might be occurring? Any help is greatly appreciated that would keep me from pulling the motor.

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    Did you do the oil change before or after you noticed oil in the hull?

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    Your PTO Seal is broken most likely

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    Yes clean the hull tape napkins under motor run for a min shut off and look seems like the pto bearing or the boot is either cracked or the otiker clamps need more grip

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