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    Problem with 1999 Gti 718 PTO side piston has no compression sound bad also

    Hello everyone
    I took my 99 GTI ski up to the lake this last week and a few problems
    1st problem it had it would run on top end idle great low speed was fine.
    the problem was the fuel flilter in the carb was plugged with some black junk
    no idea what it was i cleaned the filter and it ran great.
    2nd problem we had.i didnt tighten the hull Plug filled ski with some water
    and it didnt like that to much cleaned all the water out replace the plugs
    ran great for a few then the big problem happened
    3rd problem it was running great then it just quit it wouldnt even crank over
    then it was able to crank sound like it had no compression
    check compression in the pto side it had no compression at all.
    so the question i have with it only one 38mm carb feeding both cyl
    how is it poss to burn down the pto side piston
    i have one used the ski about 4 time since i bought it im going to tear it down this week some time im just a bit new to single carb engine most i have been around 2 and 3 carbs
    if any have a idea that i need to check please help thanks and let me know what else i need to check at when i tear it a part.
    the good news we had 4 other skie so we had plenty of fun.
    also I will need some parts so if Any one can help I will take any advise
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