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    supercharger rebuild

    well i have done my first sc rebuild by myself,
    and with the help of the site, and some friendly workers at the marina,
    i managed to do the whole job, including assembly and dissasembly
    in 5 1/2 hours.
    the sc wasn't in bad shape, but i just "felt" it slipping.
    even though i couldn't check it, as my cluster doesn't work anymore. but the sc had about 30 hours on it.
    so here's the problem.
    i opened everything up. and noticed a 'friction' disk was missing.
    the washers that go before and right after the gear.
    causing my gear to move and not work.

    well as i said. the one gear was missing. i am wondering if the owner before me forgot to put it on, or it it broke.
    im wondering if there's any potential danger that it broke and is somewhere in my engine or if he initially forgot to put it on.

    im thinking. it broke in 2-3 pieces. and its laying somewhere in the oil bin

    otherwise what should i do?

    (have no trailer at the moment so taking it to the marina isnt an option)
    and the doo runs fine.
    i maybe have ran it.... 5-7 hours with the sc before the rebuild and 3-4 hours after i rebuilt it last week.

    any help would be apreciated.
    thanks in advance

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    What type of ski and year?

    Sounds like you've had the good old supercharger washer blow out that these SC are known for. Do a search, there's plenty of threads on what to do next.

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    i would be real concerend where that washer is? theres a lot of horor stories on here from the damage that happens when they let go!!! start checking the foroum

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    The ski is an 06 rxp with ? Hours on it, it had 2 previous rebuilds , one at 10 hours, the owner before me switched the ceramic ones for metal on the service, and the other rebuild was at 90-100 hours , it was done in march amd sold to another guy, who did maybe 20-30 hours on it (works alot, just got it as a payment for the foundation he did for a house, and sold it to me.
    After the first rides, i realised the sc was bad (the first ride was in chop so i couldnt know)
    (speedo doesnt work)
    so i rebuilt the sc myself, (the sc washers and everything looked good, even the gear had the x on it.
    I know the washer that was missing was the "friction" washer that goes before and after the gear, so yea.

    All this in short.
    - wasnt ceramic washers.
    -sc had 20-30 hours on it
    -friction washer was missing.
    -i suspect that its been a while that it broke.
    -ski runs great, 10hours before my rebuild and 15 more after mine.

    Thanks for any replies,

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