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    2004 rxp 10 hours after rebuild 7700rpm and 70mph on speedo

    i have a 2004 rxp that i have rebuilt complete top to bottom had a new ecu put on last year due to a stuck injector that was traced back to the ecu...i'm only seeing 7700 rpm but seeing 70mph on the speedo i have a knock sensor harness but not sure if the dealer would have installed an update when i had the ecu installed and just wondering if the tps was set correctly it was kinda a honkey tonk shop.... i have rebuild the charger and it was bang on with the oem instructions does any one have any ideas i have not yet checked compression but did see a thread pertaining to cam timing and yes a cam and crank lock were used during the rebuild.....

    i have 20 over 8.5:1 riva pistons , fearra valves, 51 cam and a new ecu other then that everything else is unchanged( all built to oem specs no changes to the pump and i was running a consistant 8100rpm last year)

    thanks Justin

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    does any one know if when installing a new ecu does software pertaining to the knock sensor update need to be uploaded .....or is it as simple as installing the ecu and zeroing the tps....i'm not getting any codes pertaining to tps out of range ....

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    OEM ecu or aftermarket? I'm pretty sure that the aftermarket ECU isnt supposed to use the knock sensor harness

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    Sorry I have an oem ECM right from brp

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    i was just reading another forum does any one happen to know if this is true....before the 10 hours on a new machine ...or new ecu in my case does the ecu limit rpm to prevent engine failure .....

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