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    6 vane stator wtb post please

    can anyone post a wtb 6 vane stator please. im sooking to spend around 125. i used to frequent when i had my camaro and have a flawless transaction history there. my screen name there is zdog also. also my ebay account is 118 100% feedback. i just dont want to flood the forums with useless things right now just to get my count up. thanks

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    Welcome to the Hulk. In regard to your post, slow down there speedy, I think one would be all you needed in the general discussion area. No need to create multiple threads in different areas on the forum

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    did i post this multiple times? i apoligize if i did. i ask screw size in tech. if a mod could move this thread please do. thanks

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    Most but not all people usually pick an area that most applies to their questions and generalize it into a single thread. Nothing wrong with what you did but it makes it easier to follow when all the initial questions are combined together in the category that most applies. As for the stator, I there have been some out there on ebay but a bit over what your wanting to pay.

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