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Thread: Radio advice?

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    Radio advice?

    I have recently bought an SXR 800 and have purchased all necessary safety equipment, including a flag, whistle, dye marker, and signaling mirror. It all came in one pack and had a mesh bag to keep it all in, since the standup doesn't have any storage compartments I keep them in the engine compartment between the rubber strap holding the gas tank down and the gas tank itself so they aren't moving around the in compartment.

    I use my jet ski in the Long Island Sound and when I go out on it by myself even though I stay close to shore I do not like the fact that I do not have a radio or cell phone on it with me. I do not want to take my Iphone out and dont really trust the bags that you can buy to put them in that are waterproof because on the standup you are spending a lot of time in the water. I am wondering if anyone can recommend a certain small waterproof marine radio, and have any suggestions of where in the engine bay I could put it, or if it is small enough to clip to my vest, or if someone has any other ideas?

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    This is what I take with me when I ride..
    I have a FZR so it goes in the glove box. The radio is bullet proof.

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    I keep my radio attached to the upper strap of my lifejacket with zip ties. If I lose my boat or leave my boat, or it sinks, or is lost or broken from vibration and friction during riding, its worthless. I think the best option is to wear it so you can access it in an emergency and be 'hands free'. It is really great to see you are committed to your safety, as well as others.

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