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    Water coming out of "spark plugs" 99 xl 1200 ltd

    Ok i took a chance and got a good deal on a 99 xl1200 ltd. Guy said it may have a bad crank. Turns out it was the starter and/or battery. Ran it in my garage on water, that went fine. So i took it to the river, started it up, and pulled off the seat..... to find water what looked to be coming out from around the spark plugs. I'm guessing the head is cracked, or warped, or my genius self put the new head gasket on wrong. Anyways I'm going to take it apart because I found a few other problems. I'm going pre-mix, also i think I have a water circulation problem (no water out of front pissers). My questions are has anyone experienced this? Someone (a VERY good mechanic) told me he puts a thin bead of sealant around the water jacket, bad idea? I'm kind of new to PWC's, working on them atleast so I guess if anyone has any other ideas I'd appreciate it

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Your problem could be just between the top of the head and water jacketed part of the head rather than head and cylinders, and all you will need is a bit more of torque.

    It would be wise to see if any water was in the cylinders and to figure if you put it on properly. Torque specs and bolt tightening at the proper sequencing is just as important.

    As far as water out of the pissers.... it will return when you put your boat back into the water and put a load on the cooling system. There is not enough water pressure from your water supply at the house sometimes to force it to dump overboard through the pissers.

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    also look for dirt dobber cloging pisser

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    Thanks for the answers guys. Update, I got all these problems fixed, took it out and it was running good for about an hour. Then all the sudden it died. I smelled electrical fire, and had alot of smoke from the engine compartment. Wouldn't do anything at all. (didn't have a paddle, was out very early on a weekday so no other boats out. So I got out a rope and took about a 40 minute swim dragging this giant behind me lol.) Turns out the stud that the power wire bolts onto on the starter was kind of loose. I'm thinking that the nut holding the wire on vibrated itself loose and it started arcing and it actually burned the terminal on the wire in half. So my question is: Would this make the engine stall out? I mean I thought once the engine was running you could basically take the starter off and it would still run. Or did this do something to break a circuit? I guess I'll find out in a couple days. Just figured I would put this on here because I searched old posts and couldn't find this problem. I'll update once I know for sure, and maybe if someone else has this problem they will have a little bit of an idea what they are up against

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