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    how to replace powervalve clip?

    hello guys! I am new to the forum and new to jetski. Never own one before and no experience what so ever. Just got 2001 gp800r 84 hrs on it. i have read on the net that powervalve can fall into the cyclinder and cause engine damage. As a preventive measure, i want to replace the clips. the questions are,

    how many clips and how easy to to do it without any knowledge? although i think i am mechanically inclined.

    where can i order the right clips?

    thank you in advance.

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    You're not replacing the clips, you're adding them. You have two power valves so you'll need two clips. You can prob post a wanted ad in the classified section. And they're very easy to install so you'll be fine.

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    can some one post pics of where the power valves are and how to attach the clips. really appreciate. pictures worth a thousand words. i am not good with jetski lingo. thanks

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    Have a look here. That is a 1200, you will only have two power valves.

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    Power valve is located on the exhuast side, below the head, above the exhuast manifold,the cover have 4 10mm bolt. You can get the waveeater on here you will need 2 waveeater clip
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just wanted to bump this thread. I need to install the clips on my 04 XLT1200. Based on the picture seen in post #5, do these clips just snap on or do they screw on? I have never had mine off so does the pic show it with the clips attached or not? Is there a gasket that has to be replaced after removing the power valve coverplate?


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