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    Help 1999 Tigershark TS770L NO SPARK on Vacation!


    I toke the ski out the first day parked it up and now it has no spark. I was having problems with it starting before but it always eventually started. There is only 2.6 volts going to the primary side of the coil, is this enough to fire the coil? I put a spark tester on it and it did not light up however I did get a little tingle with a screwdriver but nothing strong enough to spark. I had a used CDI, coil, and regulator that I tried swapping out already. I also tested the on off switch on the bars and its working fine. The resistances on the trigger coil and the stator were fine, but could they still be bad? I'm running out of things to test! Please help me I'm on vacation right now!



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    Check the grounds,
    lose/frayed spark plug wires,
    spark plug cap connection,
    faulty wiring

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    LOOK FOR ANY MOISTURE CORROSION, It will not be easy to see but will create resistance in electrical connections

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