I would like to trade the entrie ski NOT THE stripped hull for a RXP or GP1300r

Here is what the ski has:
Stunt hull Carbon Fiber reinforced Built by Sanoman on X-H20
3.5 gallon 300sx gas tank
AC polished allumn. -2 hand pole
Xmetal steering plate and bars
Xmetal pole mount
ODI Rouge grips
Cold fusion Finger throttle
Blosion Finger trim
Carbon Fiber ride plate
???????? intake grate
dual cooling
CATS trim
stock hydro turfed chin pad
Allumn battery box
Aftermerket water box with water injection
Rebuilt mid shaft with gp800 shaft
fuel primer
Rule bilge pump
Stock Pump with a 10-16 Hooker Impros prop

802cc ported Lamey/Dasa motor
5mm stroker crank
ADA head 31cc heads
46mm Black Jack carbs (also have a set of 46 mm Buck shot carbs too)
RnD intake manifold
Boyseen Rad valves
64x Lightweight Flywheel
Proc Air filters
Cold Fusion couplers
Epic motor motor mounts (there is to locations to mount the motor just need to swap mid shaft)
B pipe BRAND NEW mod chamber
64x Electronics

I am sure I am forgetting things but you get the point this thing has the BEST OF THE BEST parts on it.

2o5 79o 3668