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    Speedo doesn't work.... Any ideas ??

    Hey all, I just picked up my first PWC on Saturday night. Everything works pretty well except the speedo. Normally I assume that doesn't matter to many people but I do wake board behind it so knowing the speed actually helps.

    Any ideas on what normally malfunctions with regard to speedos?

    BTW, it's digital and the tach does work.

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    Model? Year? Possibly rear speedo pick up wheel is jammed with a stone/weed - check to make sure it spins freely.

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    Get a GPS and be done with it as the OEM speedo is NOT accurate...

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    Yeah I'd check the speedo wheel on the back first. On mine (2004 4tec) there is a connector inside the hull towards the back for that pickup wheel. You may want to check that as well. If you've got a digital display is it blank or showing 0 ?

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    2002 GTX and speedo is showing 0. Ski is sitting at the cottage so I won't be able to check the wheel until Saturday.

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