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    DIY Carb Plug Ideas?

    So I'm switching to the 3 outlet fuel pump and am using a handy reference, but my question is, What do you use to block off the nipples on the fuel rails? I was thinking of using a bolt and a piece of fuel line, but that will look stupid and rigged. So then I bought these unspecified type "rubber" vacuum caps from NAPA, which will look great, but I'm not sure if they will hold up to gasoline or not.

    I though I remembered reading a DIY post somewhere on here, but I'll be darned if I can find it now...

    Anyway to tell if rubber caps will hold up?

    Best cost effected DIY solution?


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    Solder the nipples shut or remove the nipple and install a 1/16 NPT pipe plug.

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    Thank you for the reply, I tried solder to no avail and wound up 10 24 tapping the nipple and inserting a machine screw.

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    That works too. Just make sure to use some loctite to keep it in place.

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