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    1995 waveraider 1100 been sitting 1 year and won't turn over?

    Hey to all...Charged battery but its shot.. jumped it and sounded like it engaged but did not turn over....took out plugs does not look bad in cylinder (no rust or anything) checked the 10 amp fuse and replaced it... now it won't make a sound when pressing start there a way to turn over by hand to make sure it's not froze up...or any suggestions on where to start..Thanx!

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    Make sure the jet pump is not sezied up too. The oil in the pump might have water in it and is lock up making the motor not turn over. If you pull the plugs on the motor it should turn over by hand. I would take the pump off to make sure before you tear the motor down. good luck.

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    I would add that you should also put sort of lubricant in the cylinders to help free up any rings frozen on the cylinder walls. If it is free though, something as simple as a 10 inch 3/8 sock extension placed on top of a cylinder through the spark plug hole is enough force to move the pistons. All you have to do is place it on top of the piston and push down on it.

    Remove the shroud between the engine and the mid shaft at the back of the engine. Grab the coupler and try to rotate the engine and pump together by hand.

    I would have thought that you would get a new battery first and eliminate this from the equation before you started thinking about locked up engines. Are you sure that your electrical system is up to speed?

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