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    2008 Waverunner Vx Vs...

    I also posted in the seadoo threads to get their feed back and thought I would post here.

    getting back to skis - considering a (two - new) 2008 Waverunner vx. Thoughts? Reliability? Also looking at a couple of 2011 seadoo wake 155.


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    Cant speak for the Doos but My wife has an 09 VX Cruiser. Not a lot of difference between 08 mechanically that I know of. The VX seems to be pretty reliable except for a nephew somehow managing to break off a mirror when he borrowed it. Funny but I have block off plates on both my FZs and the mirrors were the same so just used one of those. No issues mechanically. Great on mileage compared to my modified skis and tops out around 50 ish. If your looking for speed, look elsewhere but its a fun ride. Nice and smooth too.

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    The VX is the ski the rentals prefer, because it is just about bullet proof and idiot proof. It runs on 87 octane and gets great mileage, so that is another factor. So reliability is not an issue. They did put the mirrors in a bad location (fixed on the 2010 and later), so it is common to break off the mirror on a dock........easy to do. They are pretty much useless anyhow, but required in many areas if you are towing a tube, etc.. Its not that fast as Loopped mentioned (my brother can get his to 52 mph on glass water). The ride is a little bouncy and wet compared to the bigger Yamaha FX machines, but overall very stable.

    I'm a Yamaha guy, but I actually like the SeaDoo 155. It doesn't have the supercharger that has to be rebuilt every 100 hours like some of their other skis, and it runs on 87 octane like the VX. I suspect the 155 will be a few mph faster than the VX, but don't know for sure. The "Wake" feature is a joke, because no ski can generate enough wake to really wake board behind, but it does have lots of other "stuff" (brake, cruise control, fuel management, etc.) that you don't get on the VX. I think the ride is slightly better on the SeaDoo than the VX, but they both have flat hulls and like to bounce. The SeaDoos are harder to maintain IMO, especially if you try to do your own, and all that extra "stuff" means extra things to fail down the road.

    Bottom line: If you plan to do your own maintenance and reliability is paramount, then get the VX. If you want the most features, and like to play with gizmos, and plan to let the dealership do the maintenance look at the SeaDoo.

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